Gretchen Sween

Gretchen Sween joined the Office after a dozen years in private practice and several years teaching legal writing and appellate advocacy at her alma mater, The University of Texas School of Law.  As a faculty member, she was affiliated with the Capital Punishment Center and Clinic, which she represented in presenting an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in Trevino v. Thaler.  The brief offered the perspective of those charged with teaching law students about the procedural complexities of post-conviction capital litigation in Texas.  While still in private practice, she also represented numerous other amici in capital cases in both federal and state court litigation.  Just before leaving private practice, she represented a Texas death-row inmate fighting for a right to obtain conflict-free appointed counsel during the final month before his execution.

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Phone: (512) 463-8522

Updated Tuesday, January 2, 2018