Mona Kermani

Prior to joining the Office of Capital and Forensic Writs, Mona worked as a Mitigation Specialist in Houston at an office that exclusively represented persons facing the death penalty in pre-trial and trial proceedings in Harris County and surrounding areas. Before working as a Mitigation Specialist, Mona was a Solicitor in the United Kingdom, and served as a trustee of Action Against Medical Accidents, a U.K.-based patient safety and justice charity. Mona holds a Psychology degree from the University of Birmingham and a Law degree from the College of Law in London. While working as a solicitor, Mona was actively involved in a number of human rights and legal profession-related organizations, including Reprieve, Amnesty International, the Human Rights Lawyers Association, Law Society International Action Team, and the Association of Women Solicitors.     

Contact Information

Phone:  (512) 463-8532

Updated Sunday, February 19, 2017